Monday, 20 December 2010

The Vanishing of Ruth

I have just finished reading Janet Macleod Trotter’s new book, The Vanishing of Ruth. My review of the book is below. All profits from its sale are going towards the rehabilitation of Janet’s brother Don, who was seriously injured in a road accident in March 2010, when he was knocked of his bike. Here (below) is my review. You can buy the book at

What a rollercoaster ride – take your seat on the bus to Khatmandu and be prepared for many mysterious twists and turns on the way. I could not put this book down. Janet MacLeod Trotter engages you fully in the lives of the lead characters. You are with Amber every step of the way as she unravels the story of her Aunt Ruth’s bizarre disappearance. You worry for driver Cassidy, as he tries to guide his hungover passengers on the 1970s overland route to the East, and hope that he builds up enough ‘Dutch’ courage to declare his love for Juliet. This is a perfect winter book, which will waken the wanderlust in even the most jaded traveller.