Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Norwich 20 Group’s First Exhibition in Koblenz, April 3-17

Norwich 20 Group is exhibiting for the first time in Koblenz, Norwich’s twin German city from April 3 to 17. The group has been invited by AKM (Arbeitsgemeinshaft bildender Kunstler am Mittelrhein), an art group from Kobelnz.

The 20 Group show will occupy all three floors of the historic Haus Metternich (built 1674), the main exhibition venue in the centre of the city, which overlooks the principal square in Koblenz.

AKM artists will be travelling to Norwich in May to exhibit at Norwich 20 Group’s spring exhibition, Twin Visions, in The Forum’s atrium from Monday, May 23 to Sunday, May 29.

Rory McShane Chairman, Norwich 20 Group said: “We are very excited at the prospect of the exhibition in Koblenz. Eighteen of the group’s artists will be taking part with a mixture of painting, sculpture, installation pieces and mixed media work, reflecting the vitality and variety of contemporary artwork being made in Norwich. There will be work with a ‘typical’ British flavour such as the humour and gentle subversion of Chedgey, as well as more ‘painterly’ contributions by Martin Battye, Mary Spicer and Martin Laurance. We will also take pieces by artists such as Keith Pomeroy and Geoffrey Lefever with a harder edged, more conceptual quality.”

Norwich 20 Group
N20G was formed in 1944 comprising professional artists from the Norwich School of Art and Design. The group is no longer limited to 20 and now has more than 70 members, several of whom exhibit regularly in the West End and abroad. All aspects of the practice of contemporary fine art are represented e.g. sculpture, print, photography and painting.

Over the years the membership has included nationally known artists, for example, Bernard Reynolds and Jeffrey Camp. Colin Self has taken an active role as have numerous art historians and architects. Mary Newcomb, one of Britain’s best loved artists, famous for her visionary ruralist paintings, who died in 2008, was a member of N20G for many years. Her work often sold at exhibitions for around £20. It now changes hands for five figure sums. Current N20G members include Andy Campbell, David Holgate, Ros Newman, Vanessa Pooley and Laurie Rudling.

Image: Containment 2: David Woods