Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Evocations – Top Norfolk Sculptors at Wymondham Arts Centre

Norwich sculptor, Ros Newman is curating, Evocations an exhibition featuring work from 12 of Norfolk’s top sculptors, a special autumn show at Wymondham Arts Centre, Norfolk. Evocations runs from Tuesday, September 20 to Sunday, October 2, open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 12noon to 5pm, free entry,

Sculptors featured in the show are Andrew Campbell, Chedgey,
Polly Cruse, Mark Haywood, David Holgate, Rachael Long, Ros Newman, Vanessa Pooley, Joanna Reynolds, Ann Richardson, Louise Richardson, and Chris Wade.

“I have chosen sculptors for Evocations with whom I have worked and whose work I enjoy,” explained Ros Newman. “They are mainly members of Norwich Twenty Group, which comprises many of Norfolk’s best artists across all disciplines. The exhibition will feature new work from each sculptor.”

Professor Arthur Lucas, Chairman of Wymondham Arts Centre’s steering group, said: ”The ambience of Becket’s Chapel is especially suited to sculpture, and we invite a practising sculptor to curate a show each autumn. I was pleased that Ros Newman accepted our invitation. Her show will engage the imagination of the viewer and give an opportunity to compare excellent work in a variety of 3-Dimensional media.”

Evocations – The Sculptors

Ros Newman (Norwich) specialises in creating small steel sculptures using oxy-acetylene welding. Her passion for the medium, coupled with her love of the human form, is undiminished nearly 40 years after being introduced to welding at Hammersmith College of Art, and continues to yield sculpture reflecting the variety of her personal view. Involvement in the first Bergh Apton Sculpture Trail (1997) broadened her work to outdoors and she has become well known for chickens, cockerels and flights of birds in stainless steel.

Andrew Campbell (Norwich) captures personal fleeting moments that convey his interest in the past and future of landscapes. He makes reference to isolated, significant objects within the landscape and delights in the rediscovery of things forgotten.

Chedgey (Norwich) is a painter and sculptor who specialises in surreal self-mocking works. Last year he began developing Honoré as his alter ego, initially as a children’s story. Honoré has come to life in a series of automaton’s and sculptures.

Polly Cruse (Norwich) constructs objects and photographs, which capture moments of dreamt freedom. The work is open to viewers’ imagination and alludes to times of much needed escape referencing childhood fantasies.

Mark Haywood (Happisburgh) explores the landscapes of clouds, waves, fire and smoke, often sculpting these usually ephemeral objects in translucent materials. Mark is also commissioned to develop and run community arts projects. From 2001-2008, he was the creator and co-ordinator of the highly acclaimed Lightbox Project, a community art project to improve Guy Street Park in South East London.

David Holgate (Norwich) David served as apprentice and assistant to David Kindersley (Cambridge) for seven years. He now runs a small workshop in Norwich with his assistant Philippa. Most of the workshop output is commissioned – work for churches, architectural practices, new buildings and private clients with a very occasional piece made specifically for exhibition. David works in stone, slate, wood, metal and glass. He has taught at all levels of education from first school workshops through to degree courses at art schools and universities. He is also a musician.

Rachel Long (Wreningham) is fascinated by the skeletons and musculature of animals and birds. She transforms redundant industrial and agricultural iron and steel machine parts into a form that conveys the essence of living creatures.

Vanessa Pooley (Norwich) creates figurative bronze sculptures focussing on the female form. Her ‘Mother and Child’ series has been well received – ‘Mother and Child’… is a world apart, a full stop: a portrayal of intimacy so strong that you can catch your breath – Telegraph Magazine. Vanessa has started the Dancer series of sculptures that explore movement inspired by the ballet The Nutcracker.

Joanna Reynolds (Norwich) domestic panoramas investigate and celebrate the ordinary. Through the medium of pen and ink drawings and paper cutouts she takes a snap shot of family life.

Ann Richardson (Norwich). Ann’s subject matter is animal and human form, carefully worked from observation, but always expressive and full of character.

Louise Richardson (Norwich), storytelling and humanity form the basis of Louise’s work. Garments and sculptures made from a diverse selection of materials give a glimpse of untold tales.

Chris Wade (Norwich), a professional civil engineer creates small, mainly figurative, sculpture in bronze welded steel and carvings in alabaster and soapstone.

Wymondham Arts Centre is at Becket’s Chapel, Church Street, Wymondham, NR18 0PH, email,

Photograph: Ros Newman - red current tart