Monday, 19 September 2011

Wroxham Barns stages UK’s only dedicated scone baking competition

Wroxham Barns stages what is believed to be the only dedicated scone baking competition in the UK on Sunday, September 25.

Last September judges munched their way through 83 plates of scones. This year organisers have introduced an additional children’s category – plain scones baked by the under 12s. So a bumper crop is expected at 3pm on Sunday, when judging begins at this EDP Bidwells Norfolk Food Festival event, part of the Produced in Norfolk Taste the View weekend.

“We have found scone competitions in the USA and Australia but none in the UK,” said Wroxham Barns director Ian Russell, “so can lay claim to ours being a unique British event. Competition Sunday is a great day at the Barns and to add to the fun we also have a Produced in Norfolk Food Market and beer sampling with Stuart Evans at our resident Uncle Stuart’s Brewery”.

To enter Wroxham Barns Scone Competition bring four freshly baked scones in the category or categories of your choice – plain, cheese, fruit, freestyle and under 12 plain – to the Barns by 2.30pm on Sunday 25 September. Judging should be completed by 4pm. All competitors are offered a complimentary cup of tea while they wait. Prizes are awarded to the top scone maker in each category. For more information see (what’s on).