Monday, 6 February 2012

A poem to celebrate 15 years of the Tagman Press


Full fifteen years ago today

The Tagman Press was born

In a humble wayside stable,

Shortly after dawn;

It promised books to excite us

To inspire us and transform,

First came The Final Message

Way above the norm!

Soon followed Dr Batman,

With his wondrous “Water Books”

They consolidated Tagman

And helped heal many folks;

Then later came dear Margit

“Sandemo of the North”

With her Legend of the Ice Men

To add to Tagman’s worth;

Now there’s Making of a Britflick

Miracle in Kigali and Saigon,

This week The Pathway Back appears

The big-hearted logo thunders on!

Now e-books shine promised glory

From Tagman’s Norfolk base

What an amazing story?

Suggest you watch this space!