Monday, 26 November 2012

Jimmy & Riddlesworth's Christmas Pickle - new short story by North Norfolk writer Roger Chamberlain

Jimmy & Riddlesworth's Christmas Pickle is a new Christmas short story for children and adults by North Norfolk writer, Roger Chamberlain. Published by Norwich-based, The Tagman Press, it is now on sale for £0.99 at Amazon for Kindle readers.

Two elf brothers, Jimmy and Riddlesworth work for Santa Claus delivering presents every Christmas. Unlike the other elves they are banned from the workshop, as they have no natural ability to make toys – or skills to make anything else for that matter!

Last December, when they arrived at the North Pole to start work, Santa and the other elves had disappeared along with all the completed Christmas presents. To save Christmas, Jimmy and Riddlesworth decided to make and deliver as many presents as they could.

Were you one of those people lucky enough to receive one of their presents last year?

You don’t know? Well, this story will explain everything!

Link to Tagman Press website