Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The Hostage Handbook by Anthony Grey, publication date 11 April 2013

The Hostage Handbook - publication date 11 April 2013
Anthony Grey, working then for Reuters, was the only British journalist in Beijing at the height of the Cultural Revolution. In 1967, he became the first international hostage of the modern era, 'courtesy' of the Red Guards.
This new edition in paperback of The Hostage Handbook, published by  The Tagman Press contains the secret shorthand diary of his two-year solitary ordeal in China. It is published on 11 April to mark the 45th anniversary of a profound metaphysical experience during his confinement. And in “reflections” interleaved between the diary entries, he now writes about it for the first time, explaining how It has had an enduring impact on his subsequent life as a best-selling author, broadcaster and publisher.
To order The Hostage Handbook (£15) contact Sonja Haggett, tagmandistribute@btinternet.com, t. 0845 6444186, www.tagmanpress.com
“A brilliant book by a brave and brilliant man.” Stewart Quentin Holmes, author of Nothing Really Serious
“The Hostage Handbook has much in common with The Diary of Anne Frank. It covers a similar period of time -- two years and two months – and I believe it will also inspire in the same way, the many people who read it.” John Clements, author of the self-help guide book  Aspire to Greatness.
It is a remarkably human and inspiring document. While still a prisoner he thought this was a completely wasted period of his life. Now as so often happens when human beings are faced with extreme deprivation, he has turned it into a remarkable achievement.” Joyce Dunbar, author of  The Monster Who Ate Darkness
“An important document at a time when hostage-taking has become so frequent as to be almost commonplace in some parts of the world … Its author emerges as a man of extraordinary courage, resilience and strength of character – but also of remarkable modesty.”  Vergil Berger, former Reuters bureau chief in Beijing