Friday, 3 May 2013

The Theatre of Limited Facilities - new novella by Roger Chamberlain

The Theatre of Limited Facilities, debut novella by North Norfolk Author Roger Chamberlain, published by The Tagman Press  on Friday 24 May - order now here.

“Roger’s recipe for magic: take a large portion of reality, add memories, imagination, dreams and love, stir until the ingredients are completely blended then serve on paper.” Geoffrey Atkinson OBE, former professional actor

Roger Chamberlain was born in the small holiday resort of Sheringham on the North Norfolk coast. In 1960 his father George, who was the deputy town clerk, helped set up a modest professional summer repertory theatre. Roger watched events unfold at The Little Theatre through the enchanted eyes of a seven year-old boy – and this moving fictional novella has been created around his own real-life experiences. 

The story begins on windswept Beeston Bump. There, a small boy and an old man meet. The old man speaks quietly of events from his past, which strangely also turn out to be part of the boy’s future. He remembers the town as it was 50 years ago when his young life became indelibly entwined with the dreams of the young actors and actresses of The Theatre of Limited Facilities.

The old man’s life is ebbing, while the boy’s is seemingly just beginning. Yet their paths are destined to cross again. Not on a windy seaside hill, but in a more glamorous time and place that has already been chosen for them. Can the old man and the young boy magically join forces to bring past dreams to fruition before the final curtain call?

“Roger has captured the magic of the time - a part of our past, which we both remember with deep affection.” Brian Ager, Sheringham reporter, Eastern Daily Press 1960

“As the director of one summer season at the Little Theatre I remember its limited facilities very well. I found this little book enchanting. I couldn't put it down. True memories in a phantasmagorical wrapping.” Jolyon Booth, former director, Sheringham Little Theatre.