Monday, 8 July 2013

Wymondham Music Festival Fortnight Norfolk Success

Wymondham Music Festival's committee is celebrating a successful festival fortnight with record-breaking audiences, quality performances across all musical styles and a kind run of weather, with only one outdoor event disrupted.

The Vagaband, Wymondham Central 4 July - photograph Anna Meek 

John Wood, Wymondham Music Festival Chairman said: “We had extremely good audiences this year, with The Vagaband attracting 175 people, our biggest ticketed event ever. Audiences of 150 also came to see Jazz in the Abbey with Peter King, Megson’s Folk at the Regal night and international concert pianist Rupert Egerton-Smith. We had nearly 1200 at the Jazz Picnic, when the weather had not been very promising throughout the day. Some of our lunchtime recitals also attracted more than 100 people.”

“Last year we made a loss, but this year, with the added energy and support from new younger committee members, we will make a surplus on our activities, which gives us great confidence to look forward to 2014 and beyond. Introducing online ticket sales has been a great success, helping to attract concert-goers from all over Norfolk and north Suffolk.”

Dixiemix at the Jazz Picnic - photograph Anna Meek

 "I would like to thank local councils, businesses and individual patrons for their generous financial support. A big thank you also goes to the many local music enthusiasts for supporting our events. Without all this superb backing, our festival would just not be possible."