Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Acle Primary Schools' Group - Art Exhibition at Fairhaven Garden Norfolk Broads to November 17

Work by Fleggburgh Primary School
Primary schools in the Acle group are staging an art exhibition of work inspired by paintings by 19th French artists Georges-Pierre Seurat and Henri Rousseau and the 20th century Spanish artist Joan MirĂ³, in the tearoom at Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden, South Walsham, until Sunday, November 17. The exhibition is open every day from 10am to 4pm.

Schools involved are Acle Primary School, Fairhaven Primary School, Fleggburgh Primary School, Freethorpe Primary School, Lingwood Primary School and Reedham Primary School.

In recent years the schools have embarked on series of joint curriculum projects, including poetry inspired by Olympic values and a poetry and writing exhibition. Rachel Quick-Gunning, Head Teacher at Freethorpe, whose background is in art history, suggested an art project for the autumn term using three paintings that each school could explore, then produce work to be brought together in an exhibition. 

Mrs Quick-Gunning explained: “I have always enjoyed exploring art and the history of art with children, using images as a way to understand history and give students an outlet for exploring their own ideas. I led two teacher training sessions to help teachers develop the project in their schools and chose paintings to suit different age groups and the setting of the exhibition.”

“Seurat's La Grande Jatte, also known as Walk in the Park on a Sunday Afternoon, was chosen for younger pupils.  It is a picture full of people walking and playing in the park.  Children could explore the relationships between the people, and imagine themselves in the park. Tiger Surprised by Rousseau is set in a contrived jungle setting, which replicates the undergrowth and bushes and trees at Fairhaven. Children enjoyed exploring the texture of the foliage, hidden animals and also real and imagined animals.”

“The final image, Harlequin's Carnival by Joan MirĂ³, was chosen for older students, although some of the schools worked on this image with younger pupils. The painting allowed children to consider surreal images and surrealism, as well as links to maths and art.”

Mrs Quick-Gunning concluded: “Louise Rout, Fairhaven manager's kind offer to host the exhibition has allowed us to show our work to a wider audience and hopefully enhance the enjoyment of visitors to Fairhaven. I am most grateful to schools, staff and of course the children, who I hope have enjoyed exploring the paintings, the lives of the artists and also creating some wonderful art.”

Fairhaven Woodland and Water Garden is at South Walsham, t.01603 270449, The garden is open every day (closed Christmas Day), 10am to 4pm in winter and 10am to 5pm from March to the end of October.