Tuesday, 19 November 2013

pocketi – Tourist Information on the move from Norwich based web consultancy

Norwich based web consultancy WSCreative has created pocketi, a new company to develop and market flexible iPhone and Android apps for tourist destinations. The app works without an internet connection, providing up to date tourist information on the move.

Pocketi and WSCreative director, Jeremy Storr worked with Greater Yarmouth Tourist Authority (GYTA) to perfect the app, initially for iPhone. The app is also now available for Android devices: www.pocketi.co.uk/applink.

Jeremy Storr explained: “Working with GYTA, we have created a fantastic solution for destinations wishing to provide apps for their visitors. While the development of an app was recognised to be a key addition to their online marketing mix, GYTA did not wish to significantly add to their workload. They needed a creative and practical solution that would work with their existing destination management system.”

“The beauty of the pocketi app is that it contains all the resort information, text, images and maps, meaning that no internet connection is required to use it while out and about. Updates are sent to the app when the visitor has a WiFi connection, ensuring the latest content is always available, but removing the potential for high usage charges or the battery draining.”

“We started developing a tourist based app solution before the advent of the iPhone and Android phones using windows mobile devices, however we stepped back from this, as we realised that the market needed to mature. But we have always wanted to develop our own product, giving us the opportunity to utilise our experience and skills, so for the past year we have focussed on developing pocketi.”

Ken Sims, Chair of GYTA Marketing Group said: “The group really wanted to develop a practical app that would guide people around the area, but which wouldn’t run away with people’s money as far as data charges were concerned, especially if WiFi wasn’t available, and which wouldn’t require huge amounts of staff time. Having considered several options, the pocketi app is a clear winner, for both the resort and the tourist. We are delighted with the product and looking forward to working with pocketi to develop it further.”

Jeremy Storr pocketi with Ken Sims Greater Yarmouth Tourist Authority

WS Creative was founded in 2003 by Jeremy Storr and Paul Tedds. Originally focused on the development of websites for the promotion of hotels and holiday accommodation, the business has worked across the full range of tourism and leisure businesses, providing online marketing advice, developing websites and bespoke software. Clients have included Norwich City Football Club, Norfolk Tourist Attractions’ Association, Pensthorpe Nature Reserve, Norwich HEART (Heritage and Regeneration Trust), Broads Edge Marina and The Imperial Hotel, Great Yarmouth.

For more information about pocketi see www.pocketi.co.uk, or call Jeremy Storr, t. 01603 340545,
m. 07747 012026, e. jeremy@pocketi.co.uk.