Friday, 17 January 2014

Norwich 20 Group Launches 70th Anniversary Year at Norwich Theatre Royal

Norwich 20 Group launches its 70th anniversary year with an exhibition at Norwich Theatre Royal, from 24 January to 23 April, open Monday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

The exhibition is part of a collaborative series at the Theatre Royal kindly sponsored by Targetfollow Estates Ltd. Curator Sarah Cannell has selected work submitted by Norwich 20 Group members for the show, which is staged in The Adnams Bar.

Joceline Wickham
David Jones

Norwich 20 Group was formed in 1944 after a touring modern art exhibition came to Norwich Castle Museum. Spurred by the public outcry, twenty local young artists mainly from Norwich School of Art and Design (now Norwich University of the Arts) created the group to promote understanding of modern art in Norwich.

The group is no longer limited to 20 and now has more than 70 members from across Norfolk.  All aspects of the practice of contemporary fine art are represented e.g. sculpture, print, photography and painting.

Over the years the membership has included nationally known artists, for example, Michael Andrews, Bernard Reynolds, Jeffrey Camp and Colin Self. Mary Newcomb, one of Britain’s best loved artists, famous for her visionary ruralist paintings, who died in 2008, was a member of N20G for many years. Her work often sold at exhibitions for around £20. It now changes hands for five figure sums. Current N20G members include David Holgate, Ros Newman, Vanessa Pooley, Laurie Rudling, Louise Richardson and Julia Sorrell, who is the group’s Chairman.

The group has strong links with Norwich's twin European cities and has held joint exhibitions with Novi Sad in Serbia, Rouen in France and Koblenz in Germany.

The group has a licentiate scheme and selects graduates from Norwich University of the Arts who are offered the opportunity to become members and exhibit with the group free of charge for one year.